What do you buy someone for their wedding anniversary?

You either go out looking for something Silver or Gold, or for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary – something Red! A Diamond Wedding Anniversary could be quite expensive if you stick to the colour coding of the celebration!

Usually the recipient lands up with copious amounts of champagne, the contents of which are drunk and the bottle thrown away. If this is the case, they have nothing to remind them of their very special celebration.

A personalised poem is a unique, bespoke gift totally tailored for the celebrating couple. It will really make it a night to remember for them if the content of their personalised poem is read out to them, at their celebration, for all to hear. Then, the original poem, which will be prepared on good quality scroll paper, affixed with a decorative motif or ribbon and placed in a white leatherette scroll, can be presented to them as a keepsake.

I understand that many recipients go on to frame the poem as a momento.

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