Best Man

It is such an honour to be asked to be Best Man but, whoever you are, you are worried about your Best Man’s speech which will be heard by all the guests seated at the wedding reception.

The ideal Best Man does not read from a piece of paper but knows his speech off by heart! However, reading a poetic wedding speech will be acceptable when you have not memorised it.

The strain will be taken off your shoulders and your speech will be memorable and talked about as being something different. Once you have read your speech you can present it in a beautiful white leatherette scroll tube to the bride and groom as a reminder of their very special day.

Father of the Bride

It is such a special day when your daughter gets married. You will reflect back to when she was born and how the time has flown.

You can reminisce about her childhood, her nicknames, her hobbies right up to the special day she gets married!

I can make your speech one to remember which your daughter will love and will want to keep.


Usually your speech will start with “My wife and I”.

Let your speech be different from the other weddings you have been to.

Impress your new bride by reading out a totally different and personalised speech.

Once you have read it, you can present it to your new wife in a beautiful, white leatherette scroll.

Ladies love little touches like this!

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